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Trying the (Pacific) Catch of the Day

After a full week’s work on a Friday, the Baker decided she and her co-worker ought to have some fun and go out for a nice meal. The Co-Worker and the Baker, coming from their workplace in San Francisco, headed … Continue reading

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The Baker Roasts

Sometimes you can’t just eat baked goods for dinner. Sometimes, something a bit more substantial is required to fortify oneself. Particularly if you, like the baker, are planning to make your own dessert. For what won’t be the last time, … Continue reading

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How to Make Any Type of Basic Microwave-Based Cake Cup: A Tutorial from the Baker

Cake cups, especially those that are cooked in a microwave, are one of the simplest and fastest desserts you can make. The Baker began creating these in college, when her kitchen access was minimal, and her time in a kitchen … Continue reading

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From the Baker’s lips to your ears: I love the sweet and spicy flavor of these delicious cookies. I love their crumble and the way they break apart when you try to pick one up. I love how every time I … Continue reading

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Baking Virginia-Style Biscuits

You may have thought this was a heart-healthy baking blog, full of fun surprises and innovative suggestions for how to make things that taste rich and creamy, while remaining healthy. Though normally that would be right, today, not so much. … Continue reading

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