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Laudable Tilapia

Sometimes on a Sunday, the Baker or the Baker’s sister will do some batch cooking for the week so that she doesn’t have to cook every night. Tonight proved to be one of those nights and because she had just … Continue reading

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A Simply Elegant and Elegantly Simple Salad

Since she cannot subsist on baked goods alone, the Baker occasionally requires main dishes and even salads. And, in this case, a healthy dish can actually be a delicious one. Making this salad only requires a few simple ingredients: Kale: … Continue reading

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Persian Food in NYC’s East Village

When in New York City, in the East Village on a Friday night, you might not think to go to a Persian Restaurant. In doing so, you would miss out on an amazing meal. The Baker and the Baker’s sister … Continue reading

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Californian Peruvian Cuisine

When faced with a group dinner, the Baker and her group of seven others chose to make Peruvian food: something they had tried in restaurants and even in its country of origin but never had attempted to create themselves. Though … Continue reading

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What is a Greek Breakfast?

While we have noticed few Greeks eating in cafes (instead, cafes seem to be locations at which one has a coffee and maybe a small cookie), we have noticed quite a few people selling what is advertised as breakfast food. … Continue reading

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Lunch in Thessaloniki

We should probably mention that we’re pretty active tourists. We love a good museum and a long walk. So, it was no surprise that after visiting the Rotunda and the White Tower in Thessaloniki, we were ready to eat lunch! … Continue reading

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Back to the Future Dinner

So the Baker and the non-baker are both major BTTF fans, though they tend to disagree about which of the three is best. As a result, when the non-baker found out that it was playing at her school’s movie theater, … Continue reading

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