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A Love Letter to Russ & Daughters

When in New York City, one frequently hears hyperbolic statements from locals, like: “We have the best pizza”, or “our bagels are the best because of the water here”. While the Baker and the Baker’s sister are big fans of … Continue reading

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Harrira in Fez

  For the Baker’s second night in Fez, she decided that should would enjoy a fresh bowl of harrira. Not only was the small shop she found already comfortably full of locals in the heart of the medina, but she … Continue reading

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What is a Greek Breakfast?

While we have noticed few Greeks eating in cafes (instead, cafes seem to be locations at which one has a coffee and maybe a small cookie), we have noticed quite a few people selling what is advertised as breakfast food. … Continue reading

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A Most Amusing Dinner

So, we were off to visit Meteora. However, since Meteora (home of the world famous monasteries built into cliffsides) is not at all close to Nafplio, we determined that it made sense to stay in Trikala the night before. Trikala … Continue reading

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Cafe at the Fogaro

We walked to the Fougaro¬†in new Nafplio in order to enjoy something of the modern era in Greece. Our walk took us through newer parts of Nafplio til we arrived at the repurposed tomato canning factory. There we enjoyed viewing … Continue reading

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The Hellenic Gastronomy Society: A Lunch

Two days ago we passed a small lunch spot on a side street that showed it was open only from 13:00 to 16:00 daily, except Mondays. The front of the restaurant was not very showy,¬†but it had an air about … Continue reading

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Greecian Breakfast in Nafplio

On our third day in Greece, we finally got the experience of trying a Greek breakfast. Well, a breakfast in Greece, though we’re not entirely convinced that anyone Greek eats anything before at least 1pm. Our previous days (including the … Continue reading

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