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Persian Food in NYC’s East Village

When in New York City, in the East Village on a Friday night, you might not think to go to a Persian Restaurant. In doing so, you would miss out on an amazing meal. The Baker and the Baker’s sister … Continue reading

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Christmas Treats

Now anyone from Greece is probably already familiar with all of these, but for the two of us, Christmas in another country presents the perfect opportunity to try new foods, particularly those only served during or around the holiday. So … Continue reading

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Cafe at the Fogaro

We walked to the Fougaro¬†in new Nafplio in order to enjoy something of the modern era in Greece. Our walk took us through newer parts of Nafplio til we arrived at the repurposed tomato canning factory. There we enjoyed viewing … Continue reading

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The Hellenic Gastronomy Society: A Lunch

Two days ago we passed a small lunch spot on a side street that showed it was open only from 13:00 to 16:00 daily, except Mondays. The front of the restaurant was not very showy,¬†but it had an air about … Continue reading

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Missive from Japan

So we’re in Japan right now, and figured that, given our previous history of highlighting food trends in foreign cultures, we thought that we’d talk a bit about what we’ve noticed in our (limited) voyages. First, a note on the … Continue reading

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Baking Virginia-Style Biscuits

You may have thought this was a heart-healthy baking blog, full of fun surprises and innovative suggestions for how to make things that taste rich and creamy, while remaining healthy. Though normally that would be right, today, not so much. … Continue reading

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Baker bakes bread

So the Baker hasn’t gotten to bake much, because she’s been busy with schoolwork. So, when Spring Break came around, she was excited about having the time to catch up on her baking. First task: bake bread. She decided to … Continue reading

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