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Persian Food in NYC’s East Village

When in New York City, in the East Village on a Friday night, you might not think to go to a Persian Restaurant. In doing so, you would miss out on an amazing meal. The Baker and the Baker’s sister … Continue reading

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The Hellenic Gastronomy Society: A Lunch

Two days ago we passed a small lunch spot on a side street that showed it was open only from 13:00 to 16:00 daily, except Mondays. The front of the restaurant was not very showy, but it had an air about … Continue reading

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Time for some BBQ in California

A new traditional BBQ restaurant has opened in downtown Berkeley on University Avenue. It’s called Perdition Smokehouse. The Baker’s Northern Virginian co-conspirator invited the Baker along to check out the smoked meats there recently. While the line had gone out the door … Continue reading

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Baker mushes things together in an effort to take up an activity that isn’t baking and that will please her mother

So the Baker and non-baker’s mother’s birthday is tomorrow. And the Baker, because she is the nice and adoring daughter that she is, who wants to limit her intake of whatever dessert is present for said birthday, decided to make … Continue reading

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