Persian Food in NYC’s East Village

When in New York City, in the East Village on a Friday night, you might not think to go to a Persian Restaurant. In doing so, you would miss out on an amazing meal.

The Baker and the Baker’s sister began the evening by attending an Upright Citizens Brigade comedy show and laughed at the purposeful impudence of the performers and the audience members who contributed to the show. However, by the end of the show, their inexorable hunger in their bellies made itself known.

Flanked by two local friends, the four of them set off in search of a delectable dinner. While many of the popular places that they saw were packed and offered a minimum of a 45-minute to 1-hour wait, which was just too long for four hungry bellies to wait. At one point, they were even seated at a table before the host came back over to reverse himself, letting them know the table he had just given them was in fact actually reserved for a party arriving imminently. Instead of choosing to wait the proposed 30 minutes, the four took off in search of an available table.

When they came across Ravagh Persian Grill, they knew that they had found the right spot.

They were hungry enough that they chose to start with a few appetizers. These were served with pita, a thin raita-like thin yogurt dip, and cilantro dip. To accompany these, they chose a whey and eggplant dip, a classic middle eastern salad, and a variety of homemade spicy pickles.

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After these delicious openers, the main courses arrived. Since they had ordered a glut of appetizers, the four decided to split three mains, that they would all split. They ordered two curries and one kebab and of course, rice.

The chicken curry was served in a slightly sweet pomegranate paste and crushed walnut curry that reminded the Baker think of middle eastern Mole. The lamb was served in a more classic curry sauce with eggplant and tomato. With her incisive knack for breaking down complex dishes, the Baker’s sister quickly sussed out how she could create a version of the lamb dish all her own at home.

They also ordered a cornish hen kabob to round out their meal. And, judging by the other patrons in the restaurant, kebab was a must.


And, to accompany this feast? Just a nice light bottle of red wine to wash it all down. This was the perfect meal to ready them for a night of New York exploration.

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