Harrira in Fez


For the Baker’s second night in Fez, she decided that should would enjoy a fresh bowl of harrira. Not only was the small shop she found already comfortably full of locals in the heart of the medina, but she was also recovering from a stomach bug and the sweet women in the nearby pharmacy had recommended warm tea, soup, and veggies. Having spent about 2 weeks in Morocco with her family 3 years ago, she remembered the comfort of harrira.


When she came in, the restaurant had about 6 men already filling up the two rooms and within a few minutes of sitting down, 3 more joined the fray. The men were all dressed in modern garb and were speaking with familiarity. While the Baker only purchased a bowl of harrira, the others all ordered the harrira, a piece of bread, fried eggplant (or aubergine, depending on your location), and a little sticky sweet fried dough with sesame seeds.

The total? 8 dirham.

But to be completely honest, when the Baker got back to the riad, she did split a piece of bread and had an orange, bringing the total up to 12 dirham. In dollars, that is $1.18.Not bad for a dinner for two, and a happily warm belly.


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