Lunch in Thessaloniki

We should probably mention that we’re pretty active tourists. We love a good museum and a long walk. So, it was no surprise that after visiting the Rotunda and the White Tower in Thessaloniki, we were ready to eat lunch! Also, it was 3 pm and that tends to be a Greek lunch time (or so we are learning.)


We began with a classic salad — however, much to our surprise, it included pieces of¬†Haloumi cheese, fancy croutons, and was served in a flour tortilla taco bowl. The dressing was a simple mix of olive oil and a slightly aged balsamic vinegar. Surprise!


Salad with Haloumi

We had read about the classic Greek meatballs in tomato sauce, and had decided that this would be the meal at which to try them. Made of pork, they were salty and a bit sweet. The tomato sauce exaggerated the sweetness and the rice was a nice fluffy long grain.


Traditional Meatballs

For us, no meal is complete in Greece without eggplant so we ordered roasted vegetable plate. This came assembled like a pyramid, with a wooden skewer holding the tower in place. Fortunately for us, that tower included eggplant. The dish came topped with an aged balsamic and sesame seeds, and was served on a bed of lettuce.


Mixed Veggies

We also got some crispy anchovies, served on a bed of greens, onions and cherry tomatoes.



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