Cafe at the Fogaro

We walked to the Fougaro in new Nafplio in order to enjoy something of the modern era in Greece. Our walk took us through newer parts of Nafplio til we arrived at the repurposed tomato canning factory. There we enjoyed viewing the art exhibition, the Christmas market, the art gift shop, the book studio, the ceramic studio, the outdoor art pieces, and of course the tall funnel (“fougaro”) which gives the campus its name, and which was dramatically lit with red light.

Of course, we got hungry! So, we couldn’t resist checking out the cafe. The cafe space was a perfect spot for relaxing, especially since we ended up at a low ceramic coffee table and sitting in deep comfortable couches and chairs. To drink, we ordered Be Active Tea (a rooibos blend with cinnamon, cloves, etc.) for the Baker, a Lemon Verbena Tea for the non-baker, a mastic lemon home-spun soda, and a home-spun cherry soda.

But of course we also wanted to order some snacks, so we ended up ordering a sesame cabbage salad.


Unbeknownst to us, we would also be rewarded with some chocolate chocolate-chip butter cookies for ordering tea.


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