The Hellenic Gastronomy Society: A Lunch

Two days ago we passed a small lunch spot on a side street that showed it was open only from 13:00 to 16:00 daily, except Mondays. The front of the restaurant was not very showy, but it had an air about it that made up take note. We decided it was the perfect spot to go for a lunch.

After a morning of walking around Nafplio, seeing the ancient fortresses and walking along the sea and onto the piers, we were ready for some food. So we returned to the lunch spot (as approximately 2:45 pm, what we have come to understand as an appropriate lunch time).

We began our lunch with the usual bread and oil, but this time, the oil had olives served in it and the first course was followed by a glass of Ouzo.

Next, we were served a delicious cabbage salad with carrots, dressed heavily with lemon and with some olive oil, a large Greek salad (tomato, cucumber, red onion, green peppers, and olives in olive oil), and an eggplant dip (torn eggplant, oregano, red pepper, and parsley).

We also ordered a warm dish, gigante beans, cooked in a fresh and flavorful tomato sauce that still allowed the flavor of the beans to come through.


And we decided to try to meat dishes. The first was white anchovies dressed in olive oil and vinegar and sprinkled with cayenne, giving it a lovely finishing kick.


Finally, we also decided to try the omini-present (on Greek menus anyway) chicken souvlaki. This was the freshest chicken either of us has had in some time, served with a bit of oregano seasoning, fat yellow-grained rice, and freshly fried french fries. It was also served with a wedge of lemon, which we squeezed over it.


Since this was a birthday lunch, one of us managed to convince the waitress to bring over a dessert and help us sing ‘happy birthday’. This was accompanied by small bowls of poached pear spoon sweets.


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