Greecian Breakfast in Nafplio

On our third day in Greece, we finally got the experience of trying a Greek breakfast. Well, a breakfast in Greece, though we’re not entirely convinced that anyone Greek eats anything before at least 1pm. Our previous days (including the one on which we arrived in Greece) we slept in too long or been on the road. And, today is also our Mother’s birthday and because she enjoys breakfast we wanted to make sure to try it.

Breakfast began with local sliced sesame topped bread, butter (which marks the first time we were served butter in Greece!), honey (which we think was local), apricot compote and black cherry compote.


Then the server also asked what type of coffee (drip, espresso, Nescafe or Greek) or tea we wanted to begin with. Two of us had Greek coffees (a single and a double respectively), one of us had Nescafe, and one of us had mint tea. Next, we were served a hardboiled egg, full fat (at least that is what we guess) Greek yogurt, stewed black cherries in a black cherry syrup (what we believe are called “spoon sweets”), orange juice and a toasted ham and cheese sandwich. The eggs were served in egg cups. The table had salt and pepper shakers, and they were quite useful at this point in the meal.


Wild black cherry compote, honey, greek yogurt


Finally, we were served a slice of orange cake with a sugar syrup. It was sweet and flora-ly in taste and smell and had a wonderful depth/subtle spice. The texture was moist and delicious.

After the wonderful hike up the 999 (or 987, depending on who you ask) stairs to Palamidi Castle, it was the perfect activity to quench our thirst and break our fast (breakfast).

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