Vietnamese in Canada

We managed to find a lovely Vietnamese restaurant in Quebec last night. Restaurant La Campagne certainly gets our vote.

First impression: This place gives off a “local” vibe. We also noticed that every table was drinking a bottle of wine if not two.

The Food: It was tasty and very filling. Portions were generous. Options were somewhat varied. We got the frog legs curry, lemongrass beef vermicelli noodles and ginger chicken clay pot as out main dishes. We tried the chicken spring rolls and sour and spicy chicken soup to start. Everything was quite good, but what stood out to me was the lemongrass beef. The ginger claypot sauce was a bit salty and the frog legs were reasonable. Though not highlighted on the menu, the springrolls (actually summer rolls — because they were NOT deep fried) were a delight – and looked much better than the Imperial rolls that they tout.

The Service: Definitely prepare to be aggressive and ask for what you want/need. For example, we were initially to be seated in a corner with little space. As such we told them we needed a table with more space or we would not be able to dine with them and quickly, we were ushered to a much better table. Similarly, when we asked about wine, we were told we could easily go next door and purchase anything to drink with our dinner — with NO table fee.

Overall: It was tasty, a comfortable dining experience and a fun evening. I’d go back and recommend it to others.

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