Review of La Bouche

La Buche, a local restaurant, serves locally inspired Canadian cuisine. Think of it like the new American version of Canadian cooking.
 We were given the option of sitting either at a table right by the entrance, in the bitter cold, or ironically, the best table in the house, in the middle of the kitchen. Of course, we opted for the latter.

First presented to our table was a small paper basket full of pork rinds drizzled with a maple caramel sauce. The caramel maple sauce was quite sweet which contrasted the crunchy thin pork rinds.

To accompany this first course, we chose to try a fortified wine. Highly alcoholic, with a alcohol percentage of 22% the wine was not bitter at all.

Following that, was a bowl of housemade pickles. This was also accompanied by a basket of bread and salted butter.

Rather than choosing an equal number of entrées we chose to have two appetizers and one entrée to split between the four of us.

We began with a baked brie type dish, called Maurice’s secret.

It was served with small crackers and was quite creamy. The only criticism of this dish at our table was the lack of a sufficient number of crackers or a sufficient amount of bread to fully mop up the delicious oozy-ness as of the baked brie.

We followed this with sautéed mushrooms. Though relatively simple, the composed the dish was perfect in that simplicity.

As an entrée we chose the tourtière, a meat pie, which included beef, pork, and venison. It arrived piping hot with a beautiful puff pastry crust, and was accompanied by housemade preserves and a small side salad. The salad was a bit forgettable, but the pie itself was delicious.

We ended up deciding to order dessert at the restaurant. For dessert, we ordered the maple cream pie. Much like many depression pies in the US, this pie involves ingredients that any cook would have in their kitchen – – in this case, maple syrup, flour, baking soda, and eggs. Desert itself was a fascinating insight into the Canadian culture and reminded the Baker of pecan pie without the pecans.

The pie itself was served with freshly whipped cream and blueberries.

Ultimately service could have been slightly better but, the meal itself, especially as eaten in the kitchen, was delightful. We would highly recommend the restaurant to those looking for a modern take on Québec’s cuisine.

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