Persimmons: Farm-to-Table Part 1

Did you know that persimmon bread was the top googled item for Thanksgiving recipes in California? Well, as it turns out, California is actually an international capital for persimmons. In fact, the 2,898 acres harvested in California in 2012 produced 16,898 tons of fruit with a market value of $20,873,300 (California Ag. Commissioners’ 2012 Crop Year).


Based on her interest and the possibility of delicious fruit, the Baker decided to take advantage of the fall treat. She figured that she could eat (and bake) locally, organically and support her community. Alongside the nice folks at Open Hearts Kitchen, the Baker and the Pie-Maker, her friend of hers for the last few years, decided to join The Urban Farmers to help harvest and donate fruit.


After a few hours in the heat, the Baker and Pie-Maker filled 7 bins of persimmons. They even stacked a few artistically to get a great shot.


An important and quick aside with more detail about persimmons. There are two major types of persimmons: soft and hard. The soft ones are bitter on the outside, softer, and larger. They require more time to ripen and are useful in jams, jellies, and fillings. The hard ones are smaller, harder (more like an apple), and are great in salads or even plain.


The Baker and Pie-Maker harvested the hard variety. They were each encouraged to take home 10 of them, while the rest were donated.


Stay tuned and check out blog #2 in the series to see what they chose to do with their newfound persimmon wealth…

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