Reviewing Native Juice Co

Given the Baker’s long love of breakfast, she was extremely excited to hear that her company would be bringing in Native Juice Company‘s open-faced sandwiches for breakfast.

In San Francisco, Native (as it’s called by fans), is known as an expensive place. If the name sounds familiar, that’s almost certainly due to their avocado toast, for which they’ve received a fair amount of attention. The Baker however, credits Chile for her love of that combination, where she was served pan con palta (bread with avocado) for breakfast, almost daily, or on occasion, just palta (avocado) con sal (salt). If you’re looking for a great combination, try palta con sal, the salt makes a significant (and delicious) difference.


The Baker decided to take advantage of this situation by staging her own miniature taste taste. For the benefit of our readers (of course), she sampled the Smashed Avocado (pain au levain, maldon sea salt, lemon zest, micro greens, chili flakes), Sunflower Butter (walnut bread, cinnamon, cane sugar, torched banana),


and a special berry-marscapone item du-jour.


While all of the combinations were interesting, the avocado shone above the rest.

The Baker highly recommends tasting the toast from the Native Juice Company at least once. However, given the steep price of $7.75 plus tax, it is only worth doing sporadically, or on very special occasions.

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