American smorrebrod

Clearly, the Danish are making their impact on the world. 

How do we know about this impact that Danes are having on the rest of the world? Well, the Baker had a catered breakfast this past week. A major portion of this catered breakfast was a large variety of fancy open faced sandwiches, also referred to as smorrebrod in Denmark. The sandwiches completely copied the Danish version ofsmorrebrod. The only differences were that they were served for breakfast and that there were some sweet options. In Denmake, the majority of smorrebrod are savory. 
The first one the baker tried was topped with thinly sliced avocado. The bread had been toasted with oil. The avocado was topped with a spicy salt and leafy green pepper.


The second one that the Baker decided to sample, she was less fond of, which was compounded by the fact the avocado was so delicious. The second smorrebrof was topped with marscapone, raspberry, and mint.


The third was a walnut bread smorrebrod, topped with carmelized banana and almond butter. Unsurprisingly, the baker did not sample this particular delicacy because she does not tend to eat bananas unless they are the only item she is eating (and they must be served raw.) Others however, gave the banana-topped smorrebrod rave reviews.

All of this only furthered the baker’s enthusiasm for American smorrebrod/ toast culture. Have you tried any good ones? What’s your favorite?


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