The best French toast

Somwehat recently, the Baker decided that she was long over due for some French toast. But rather than sitting through some diner’s inept version, she figured that she’d come up with her own recipe, one that would maximize flavor by using the best ingredients she could obtain. Instead of plain bread, she chose cinnamon swirl challah from a local bakery. 

She cut that bread into thick slices.

 Instead of plain eggs, she dredged the slices of bread in a mix of eggs and cinnamon.  


She cooked it in a pan with butter on the stove.  

Once there, it sizzled and gleamed beautifully.

  And, instead of serving it with syrup, she topped it off with a sprinkle (or two) of cinnamon. (And ate it so quickly that a picture was a complete impossibility.)

Long time readers will surely be unsurprised at her liberal use of cinnamon, and for those who enjoy it (or who perhaps might use a not too spicy variety, such as Indonesian cinnamon), this recipe is well-worth trying. (Which is to say, adding cinnamon to your favorite French toast recipe is a good idea.)

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