Trying the (Pacific) Catch of the Day

After a full week’s work on a Friday, the Baker decided she and her co-worker ought to have some fun and go out for a nice meal. The Co-Worker and the Baker, coming from their workplace in San Francisco, headed to the Marina neighborhood based on the bounty of restaurants the neighborhood afforded to locals. One in particular caught their hungry eyes: Pacific Catch.

The Baker had previously tried to eat there, but the expected wait was given as over one hour long, which was an ample deterrent. However, this time
with only two people in their party, the Baker and Co-Worker were able to grab seats at the restaurant’s counter without a hitch. They were immediately presented with cold shelled edamame as an amuse bouche.

They then ordered the avocado shrimp ceviche and the wasabi rice bowl with seared tuna. The ceviche arrived first. It was served with salty corn tortilla chips and ended up tasting a lot like a guacamole but with extra lime and pieces of shrimp. While it was tasty, it was far too guac-like and the Baker would have just preferred to actually get guac (preferably with some sort of spicy component, such as jalepeno.)


The rice bowl arrived second. The two were splitting both dishes, so they each served theme lives half a portion, though that was plenty! The brown rice base was warm and included a delicious mildly spicy wasabi sauce. Atop the rice was a portion of seared sushi-grade ahi tuna, wakame salad, a cucumber salad, some avocado, pickled ginger and strips of seaweed. This dish was amazing and certainly worth returning to the restaurant to try again.


Overall, the Baker highly recommends that people in the Bay Area eat at Pacific Catch, even if just for the rice bowls and fresh fish.

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