Finally, Some Offal!

As previously mentioned, parillas (essentially grill houses) are a very popular type of restaurant in Buenos Aires. However, while the baker and non-baker had previously eaten in parillas they had not eaten offal at any of these restaurants, a major oversight by BA standards.

Eager to rectify this situation, the baker and non-baker found a locally well-reviewed parilla that served a more unusual set of meats, at least by their standards.

At 10:30 or so, the parilla was packed and the baker and non-baker ended up with a table near the back of the second floor of the restaurant. Unlike many restaurants, this parilla, La Pena Parilla, had expanded its space by buying the adjacent houses and then knocking down the walls to create one large room.

But what offal to order? It was an easy, if less than usual call: blood sausage, chorizo, and sweetbreads.

The blood sausage was dark, almost black in color.

It had a sticky, very ground interior texture that congealed further as it cooled.


The chorizo provided an interesting contrast to the blood sausage with a much more expected interior texture.


The sweetbreads (thymus glands) were lighter, almost more like chicken or fish, and served with lemon to squeeze on top. They were served as grilled pieces.


To accompany these heavier dishes, they ordered a mixed salad (without egg), which contained lettuce, carrot, beets, and potatoes, and was tipped with a pleasant olive oil and vinegar dressing.


As usual, a bread basket with plain rolls accompanied the meal, as did a metal cupful of the house chimichurri, which was by far the spiciest chimichurri that they had tried thus far.


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