Hierba Buena

The baker and non-baker adore their vegetables (as may be relatively evident to long-time readers of this blog.) They’ve greatly enjoyed the variety and quality of meat available in Buenos Aires, from chorizo to ojo de bife, the flavors have been rich and delightful. However, the newest trend in the B.A. restaurant scene includes vegetarian restaurants. So they chose to head to Hierba Bueno.

The restaurant was a combination bakery and adjacent cafe and, given that they were eating a late lunch (at around 5pm) and so were restricted to ordering sandwiches off the cafe’s menu, they chose to order only two sandwiches, which they supplemented with items from the bakery.

From the bakery they bought a loaf of sunflower and flax seed topped whole wheat bread,


a round of semi-soft cashew cheese,


(Which came beautifully wrapped in cheesecloth)


a roll baked with parmesan,


and a pan dulce (sort of like panettone) with raisins, walnuts, almonds, and cashews.


For main dishes, a fried egg sandwich with arugula and brie cheese, and a multigrain chicken and avocado sandwich (both of which were scarfed far too quickly for pictures.) Then, back onto the bicycles they had rented to continue biking around the city.

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