Eating Armenian in BA

As it turns out, aside from local food traditions, such as parillas, Armenian food is a relatively popular foreign tradition. Thus it was with great anticipation that the non-baker and Baker made their way to Sarkis (the most well-known Armenian spot) for dinner. Unfortunately, they made it there at the early (at least by BA standards) time of 10pm and so the restaurant was packed. However, the non-baker and Baker had been advised that there was a whole ‘nother street full of Armenian restaurants. As they made their way to that street, the Baker and non-baker happened upon a tango club that they had been hoping to take lessons at. Realizing that they had one hour to eat before the lesson, they quickly walked into the next good restaurant they could find.


And it was thus that they ended up with a different (but still Armenian) dinner.


They ordered a mix of small plates– hummus, babaganoush, tabouleh, dolmas, and stuffed eggplant.


They also ordered a fattoush salad (with pita chips, tomato, cucumber, and lettuce.) Again, the salad arrived undressed but the bread basket (of pita here) was served with olive oil and balsamic vinegar.


For main dishes, they ordered a rice pilaf with cooked chicken and raisins.


They also ordered a meat stuffed eggplant with a rice-vermicelli noodle pilaf on the side.

For dessert? Two stuffed cookies (one with a fig filling and one with a walnut filling), and a walnut baklava. Yum.

Then they were off to tango for the next few hours, beginning with a lesson and continuing with live music, professional level dancers, and even swing music.

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