Entering the Parilla

After walking around for a few hours, (and several scoops of helado later), it was 10pm– also known as dinner time. The Baker and non-baker were the quite excited about eating at a Parilla, a traditional steakhouse. After all, that is the premier type of food Argentina is known for.

Of course, as seems to be the case in most sit-down restaurants, they were brought a large bread basket. To go with it, they ordered a roasted red pepper.


To follow that, they ordered a salad which included four types lettuce. Interestingly, the salad came undressed, though there were bottles of olive oil and vinegar to dress it oneself. And for a main courses two steaks: short ribs (asado de tira)


and another unusual cut that includes a lot of bone. (Feel free to help us identify it in the comments)


To accompany the steaks, they ordered 3 typical sauces: chimichurri, provencal, and criollo.



To finish? A delightful apple crumb cake with cinnamon ice cream, the whole thing dusted with powdered sugar.


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