Time for some BBQ in California

A new traditional BBQ restaurant has opened in downtown Berkeley on University Avenue. It’s called Perdition Smokehouse. The Baker’s Northern Virginian co-conspirator invited the Baker along to check out the smoked meats there recently.
While the line had gone out the door on the opening Friday night, Tuesday night dinner proved to be a much more accessible time slot.

The restaurant’s vaulted ceilings and periodic table of elements-inspired beer wall art creates a low-key artsy vibe, perfectly at home in Berkeley’s already steady, but still steadily increasing hip foodie scene. The menu is simple, smoked meat, sides, and beer. Most dishes come with pickles and texas toast bread slices.

The Baker ordered the 1/4 chicken ($6) and the side of mac ‘n cheese ($3.50) and a 10oz pour of the CRAFTSMAN SAISON 7.3%. The chicken was well cooked and covered in a delicious spice rub. The Baker and her N. Virginian together determined that the spice rub contained salt, pepper, cumin, paprika, chili powder, garlic, onion, and possibly some thyme or something similar. While the cut of meat was slightly too fatty for the Baker’s taste, the meat itself was juicy and flavorful. The Baker adored the sweet pickles and onions that paired perfectly with the sweet and spiciness of the meat. The mac ‘n cheese side benefited from its crunchy topping, which was made up of a baked layer of crumbs or cheese. The cheese sauce covering the noodles was tasty, but the noodles themselves were a bit overcooked. The condiments were also a high point– the Baker enjoyed swabs of the house mustard was a great addition to her meal.

The N. Virginian enjoyed the Texas Caviar and mac ‘n cheese along with a side a portion of the Duroc Pork Shoulder. That was accompanied by a hoppy IPA. The pork shoulder was tender and juicy.

The Baker recommends Perdition and advises ordering the well-cooked meat and unique beer, but to skip the sides.



If you like smoked meats, check out this smoky eggplant recipe you can make at home.

What’s your favorite type of smoked meat? Where do you find it?

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