Let’s eat some amazing oatmeal for breakfast

Today the baker decided to mix up her oatmeal routine and indulge her expensive tastes. How could she simultaneously achieve both goals you may ask–especially if you know how cheap bulk oatmeal is at any grocery store? The answer is that she purchased hers at Golden West in the Financial District of Sam Francisco for $5.00.

Despite the price, their oatmeal is well worth the price tag. Their steel cut oats are cooked in milk (type uncertain) overnight giving them a creamy taste. The oatmeal has a variety of summer fruits mixed into it: mango, peach, golden raisins, blueberries and strawberries, a neat upgrade from the standard brown sugar and raisin combination. Finally, walnut chunks add texture and flavor. The whole mixture is improved at the time of eating if a heap of brown sugar is plunked on top, as it adds a caramel flavor to this delicious breakfast treat.

So, while expensive, the baker recommends this breakfast highly.

Please note, it was hard for the baker not to go with the coffee cake that she spotted, as it had a delicious looking cinnamon streusel on top…maybe tomorrow.


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