Eating Indian in Kentucky

So the non-baker recently had occasion to be in Kentucky. And, being the kind of person who likes to explore cultures new to her through their food and eating experiences, she decided that she would try to find a fun local spot for lunch. Ideally, something small or perhaps even a local chain. Using her online device, she began her search, and was surprised to find that along with a number of fried chicken spots, there was an Indian restaurant with numerous positive reviews. It was a bit further than most of the other places, but the reviews had piqued her interest, and she walked over there.

What she found was a small family-run place that seemed to be the central meeting ground for members of the local Indian community. She tried to procure a menu, but the proprietor wouldn’t hear of it and insisted that the lunch buffet would be a better deal. Smiling, the non-baker grabbed a plate and filled it with salad, daal, various curries, fresh raita, and naan. While the curries were good, but not spectacular, the naan was fresh, a little buttery, and delicious. And the raita was perfectly suited to the hot Kentucky weather. Needless to say , the non-baker ended up with a full (and happy) stomach.


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