Enter: a new oven

The baker has moved residences and this found the need to christen her abode with some fabulous baked goods. She decided to bake some non-traditional chocolate chip cookies.

In this case that means Carob chip with all the usual suspect replacements (egg whites, olive oil, a mix of whole wheat and corn flours and brown sugar). Oh, and of course a few heaping tablespoons of cinnamon. The baker went with Chinese cinnamon to up that spicy flavor.

The necessary salt and baking soda components joined the rest of the ingredients.

The cookie was baked on a metal pizza pan because the baker has no baking sheets and thus inspired the cookie pie shape and the sliced servings.






Oh, but surely you can’t have cookies without milk. The baker warmed some nonfat soy milk and frothed it to perfection to go along with the sweet treat.


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