Eating at Max Brenner


On the Baker’s way home from Morocco she spent a couple days in New York. She was excited to see some of her friends and of course, to eat some delicious food.

Her NYC based friend decided to make reservations at Max Brenner, a well known Israeli chocolate store turned restaurant. Although they didn’t go for dessert, they did make sure to get some chocolate in the order.

They began with a spinach artichoke dish for the appetizer. It was served hot with chips on the side. While the dish was quite rich, it was nonetheless a welcome starter.


Next, a BLT and pizza. The BLT was your basic club sandwich served with spiced waffle fries. The pizza however, was quite tasty. It had olives and ricotta cheese spread over the super think crust.



And of course because one must try something chocolate at Max Brenner each of them ordered a mocha martini. It was served in a conical martini glass without a stem that sat in a glass bowl of ice to keep the drink temperature cool. The drinks were served with a small melted pot of straight chocolate that could either be poured into the drink or used for dunking the two thin biscotti that were also included.

Not a cheap meal, but altogether pretty tasty. The restaurant includes a chocolate shop as a homage to the original ‘Max Brenner.’ It’s warm and inviting, with a cafe-esque atmosphere. It was also moderately busy, but the service was fantastic, particularly when considering the intense crowds you find at most restaurant in NYC.


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