The Night Market in Marrakech

So we finally made it to Marrakech. What a different sort of city, much busier and more bustling.

selections from the night market 1

While we had seen Plaza Gemma by day, night transforms the square into an entirely new and exciting place, full of vendors, most of them selling food.

selections from the night market 3

We saw tall carts full of oranges for squeezing into juice.

dates at the night market There were other carts piled high with dried fruit and apricots (though many that also relied on mounds of plastic or aluminum foil to make them seem more full than they actually were.)

selections from the night market 2

Guys were wheeling around carts covered in pastries including honey and almond cookies, croissants, palmiers, madelines, neopolitans, and every other manner of pastry.

A few vendors carried large pots from which they pulled small cups of boiled sea snails, like we saw in Essaouia.

But there was more. White tents cover the square and created at least 30 separate pop-up style restaurants at which food from every city we’ve visited was available. They all seemed to have the same menu, the same prices, and the same solicitous, duplicitous, and yet friendly wait staff, herding tourists and hawking their wares.

We couldn’t resist the energy of the square and ended up eating at one. While we were probably their least favorite patrons of the night, having ordered only cooked vegetables and soup, we fell face first into their ‘bread-trap’. They served bread at the table, only to charge us for it afterwards without having any request for it. The harira there was tasty, and the cooked spinach and eggplant we had were welcome departures from a more meat and bread-based diet.

While we were hoping to buy a sweet treat in the square, we ended up buying dates from a side-street vendor, whose prices were much more to our liking.


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  1. That market looks amazing!

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