Loving the Laiteries

What is, you may ask, a laiterie. To the best of our understanding, it combines the best features of a cake shop and a smoothie stand.

You can buy anything from a fresh avocado date smoothie, to fresh homemade yogurt, to neopolitans, or any other pastry, there.

The small cookie with the pink butterfly atop it sparkled.

A pretty typical selection of the sweets you might find at a laiterie. Here we’ve bought a neopolitan, a scone that tasted a lot like american cornbread with anise seeds scattered throughout, several small cookies made with phyllo dough and almond paste that were incredibly decorated, and a puff pastry, peanut, and apricot jam bar.

We’ve now been to more than a few of them, sampling a number of smoothies and local yogurts along the way, and we’re fond of the concept.

house yogurt

Three standout smoothies so far include:

-The amazing pure fig and yogurt smoothie we bought just outside the Medina in Marrakech.

date shake

-The dried fruit and nut smoothie that we kept ordering, everywhere from Ait Ben Haddou to Marrakech. The flavoring of this smoothie is made from ground nuts, dates, and figs, and we’ve heard that mixture is frequently enjoyed around Ramadan, given its heartiness.

ginger lemonade

-A lemonade sort of drink, with tons of fresh ginger added to it. We only managed to order it once, but adored how tart and fresh it was, and how strong the young ginger tasted.


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