Even More Harira

We had every intention of not eating the same thing (when possible), but given our preference for eating whatever the locals seem to be consuming, we ended up having another dinner of harira and what the locals here call ‘crepes’, though we’ve been calling them Moroccan roti for their resemblance to the flakey Indian flatbread.

Crepes? Roti? At breakfast this morning, we heard it called 'Essem'

Crepes? Roti? This morning we heard it called ‘msemmen.’

The place we ended up eating at, however, served the two foods a little differently– fresh lemon slices instead of juice in  a bottle, sliced crepes, and, for dessert, a small plate of dates and a fried phyllo dough cookie soaked in honey and rosewater and strewn with sesame seeds. The dates were a medium sweet and medium soft variety.


We haven’t touched much on the male-female dynamic in Morocco, but, unlike some of the other restaurants we’ve eaten at, there were a few women having dinner at this one, including a party of four women and a young boy who came in just as as we were finishing our dinner.

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