Welcome to Morocco

Like most people, both the Baker and I (the non-baker) love traveling to foreign countries and eating our way around. This week, we’re blogging from Morocco.

So much warmth!

Roaring Fire in our Ryad

We started off today in one country, and ended up here, with a roaring fire in front of us, and a box of local cookies to enjoy with it.


Local cookies!

But first, the beginning of our day in Morocco. When we first arrived we had a long drive ahead of us, so naturally we stopped at a local market for a snack to eat along the way. We walked around a bit and found a local bread cart selling a fresh, fluffy, and cracked corn covered pita bread. We also picked up some ripe tangerines, green olives, and a preserved lemon. Then we drove, learning much about the local driving culture in the process.

We eventually arrived in Essaouira and began wandering around the Medina. Dinner, (pictures not included) was at a hole in the wall diner which only served a soup and homemade roti, well, the Moroccan version. We doused our soup in lemon juice and pepper. Obviously, we ended the meal with sweet mint tea – té eem nana.

Four kinds of dates available at a tiny dried fruit stall, a common occurrence in Morocco.

Four kinds of dates available at a tiny dried fruit stall, a common occurrence in Morocco.

After dinner, we wandered in and out of shops, getting lost in the night shopping and in the more residential areas of the town. We ended up purchasing a huge variety of goodies. The majority were unique types of dates. We also tried fried filo dough covered in honey and rosewater, almonds, walnuts, and breads. Then we found the aforementioned cookie shop and decided to purchase all the interesting ones (pictures below). The shopkeeper informed us that his mother and sister make the cookies weekly. Our favorites included: the Mexican wedding cake-like cookie (who knew they made them in Morocco) and the dried filo dough filled with date.

More cookies

More cookies

Can’t wait to share our adventures tomorrow – I think we’re eating at our Ryad! We’re also hoping to visit the local hamam.

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