In which the sisters taste romanian museli bars (granola bars)

Upon entering Romania, the sisters began their voyage by connecting to the city of Maimia by traveling through Constansa. This involved taking a bus from Bucharest to the bus station where they caught a second bus to Constansa. Then they grabbed a taxi to Mamaia. The bus to Constansa was about a four hour trip and involved rolling hills, countryside farms (mostly corn fields from which the corn is processed for the traditional Mamaliga dish – aka polenta), and some great views of cows. Along the way, the bus stopped at a gas station. Never ones to pass up an opportunity for a new foreign snack, the sisters ventured inside the gas station’s food shop. Though there were numerous snacks that they had seen before while traveling in the EU, nothing seemed to strike their fancy. Not bisuits. Not nuts. Not juice. But then, upon arriving at the counter, the Baker grabbed a ‘Fitness Bar’ and the non-baker a ‘museli’ (really granola) bar.

The Fitness Bar is a honey flavored thick granola bar. Unlike crunchy granola bars, this one was a semi-flexible bar, about one inch thick, half an inch wide and five or six inches long. The oatmeal in the bar was of the quick oat variety mixed with oatmeal of the steel-cut variety, resulting in quite a sturdy bite. It was sweeter than similar type bars that they had previously eaten. The Baker did not like it much. And, though the non-baker does tend to enjoy such bars, she too found it too sweet.


The second bar reminded the Baker of a Chewy Bar©. It was thick, slightly-more flexible than the first, and contained fruit and nut chunks. The fruit chunks were sour dried cherries, and were sweet and sour at the same time, yielding a nice tang. The nut chunks were mostly small and seeds. This bar was less sweet than the first. It was also larger, measuring approximately one by three-fourths by six or seven inches. The Baker and the non-baker both liked it.


The Baker and non-baker’s parents too had grabbed a couple sweet snack bars to sample. These included a chocolate wafer bar and a mocha bar. The chocolate wafer bar, despite being layered with wafer, was mostly just a strong, almost overpowering dark chocolate flavor. The non-baker, who unlike the Baker enjoys strong chocolates, thought it a very nice candy bar. The Baker appreciated the rich consistent chocolate, but preferred the previous options.


The second candy bar their parents got was a chocolate bar with a stripe of coffee cream in the middle. It was rather thick for a stuffed chocolate bar, and was also quite rich and strong in its chocolatiness.


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