All Sweets and Snacks

So today the non-baker and the foreign correspondent attended the All Sweets and Snacks Exposition, hosted by the National Confectioner’s Association.

Though the non-baker had been before, she found it again, both amazing and overwhelming. The foreign correspondent assessed it as being sort of similar to being a kid in a candy store, except that all of the candy was up for grabs (and was free.) It is truly a magical atmosphere, unlike almost any and every other convention (and not just because around half the attendees go around grabbing candy while they talk to representatives from different companies.)

They both enjoyed it greatly and plan on writing more about it in the coming days. Also, though she was not able to make the convention, the non-baker is planning on making sure that the Baker gets some of the treats that were there so that she can come up with some truly creative recipes incorporating new items from the show.

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