World’s best black bean burger and sweet potato fries

Despite the fact that neither of them is a vegetarian, the Baker and the non-baker are both exceedingly fond of black bean burgers. And while there are a lot of restaurants that sell them, and whose are quite delicious, none of them stands up to the black bean burger with mango salsa that is made at Fox & Obel. It’s a seasonal item, served only in the late spring and summer, which has, on more than one occasion, been a problem for the non-baker, who would prefer to have it available all year round.

They also make the best sweet potato fries. Crispy and delectable and not too oily.
Anyway, this is mostly to say that if you’re in Chicago, and looking for delicious food, the place is worth a visit. The non-baker tends to wax poetic about the place for hours, specifically about the very nice people at the cheese counter who will gladly give you samples of everything and the wall of olive oils and vinegars.

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