The All Sweets and Snacks Exposition

Recently the non-baker decided that she wanted to do something fun for the Baker, something food related, and something that the Baker had never done before. Last year, the non-baker attended the All Sweets and Snacks Exposition (formerly the All Candy Expo) hosted by the National Confectioner’s Association. And the non-baker figured that the Baker would enjoy the opportunity to see all the new sweets and snacks and come up with recipes that incorporated them. And, of course the non-baker loves learning about the new fads in the candy and snack industries. So……in around two weeks, the Baker and the non-baker will be attending the All Sweets and Snacks Expo.

We’ll be posting updates at the end of each day of the Expo, with either news about candy and snacks or with recipes that use the items that we find there. Joining us will be our Foreign Cooking/Baking Correspondent, whose familiarity with Russian candies and snacks will allow her to write about the foreign candies and snacks.

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