The non-baker gets creative

So occasionally the non-baker lacks ingredients to make, well, much of anything. So in these instances, she has to summon up her creativity, take what she’s got and change it slightly so that she finds it palatable.

Last night she figured that she would finally use up the can of butternut squash soup that had been sitting around for a while in her pantry. But, she generally finds canned soups too salty and flavorless. So, she added some orange juice, some white wine, a dash of pomegranate champagne vinegar, and some cinnamon and….voila! Delicious soup. Of course, being the non-baker, she doesn’t have much use for measuring cups in these situations and so, like when the baker bakes for fun, there’s not much of a recipe for recreating the thing.

And tonight, same thing. She decided to make some whole wheat couscous. And then she figured that she’d add on some of the tomato-basil tomato sauce that was sitting in the fridge. But her body wanted more protein and so she took a can of cooked black beans and added those. Then, she noticed some taco seasoning sitting around and figured that she might as well make chili. So she added some chicken seasoning, a whole bunch of ground black pepper, and some paprika, and instant vegetarian chili.

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