Baker mushes things together in an effort to take up an activity that isn’t baking and that will please her mother

So the Baker and non-baker’s mother’s birthday is tomorrow. And the Baker, because she is the nice and adoring daughter that she is, who wants to limit her intake of whatever dessert is present for said birthday, decided to make her mother a special birthday treat. A chocolate one, of course. So, she and her father whipped up (almost literally), Bailey’s Chocolate Mousse. (Nicely enough, the part where she was making something different from what she usually makes means that she was willing to rely on a recipe with exact measurements. However, in classic Baker tradition, this did not stop her from making the recipe in 2/3rds proportions, since that was how much heavy cream she bought at the store.) See the pictures below.

First they took 3 eggs and sugar (see amount in recipe, the Baker, when recollecting recipes, makes no note of such unimportant things) and mixed them together, put them in a metal bowl over simmering water, continuously mixing until it reached 160 degrees Fahrenheit.

Then they took it off the heat, and for about 10 minutes, whipped it together.

While it was cooling, they melted 2/3s of 12oz semi-sweet chocolate in the microwave.

Then they mixed the Baileys with the heavy whipping cream and whipped it until it small peaks began to form.

Then the chocolate was ready (and lukewarm.) They folded the chocolate into the egg/sugar mixture.
Afterwards they folded in a little bit of the cream mixture at a time with the chocolate.
And they folded it til it was blended. Then they covered them and put them in the refrigerator to chill overnight.

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