The non-baker’s easy sweets snack (aka homemade nutella)

So, occasionally, though she doesn’t tend to like to admit it, the non-baker doesn’t feel like cooking or baking but wants something dessert-ish and sweet. When this happens, she makes what most people would call homemade nutella. (She doesn’t really have a name for it.) How do you make this wonderful and simple treat?

Simple. All you need is the following:
however many semisweet chocolate chips you want (not so dark that they won’t melt well, but if they’re milk they won’t contrast as well)
A microwave safe bowl
Nut butter of some sort (the non-baker generally uses peanut, but has recently rediscovered the joys of almond butter)
And a chopstick or small spoon

As for instructions:
Pour the chocolate chips into the microwave bowl
Microwave the bowl in 15 second intervals, pulling the bowl out and stirring it between intervals until the chocolate has melted
When the chocolate has melted, add nut butter to taste (generally, around 1/3 of the amount of chocolate works well)
Mix well and serve- either plain (thus the spoon), or with something else

It’s not a huge discovery of a recipe, but it’s delicious. And, if you want to make something with a texture that’s a bit more of a ganache, add a little bit of water to the chocolate when you melt it.

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