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Baker mushes things together in an effort to take up an activity that isn’t baking and that will please her mother

So the Baker and non-baker’s mother’s birthday is tomorrow. And the Baker, because she is the nice and adoring daughter that she is, who wants to limit her intake of whatever dessert is present for said birthday, decided to make … Continue reading

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Baker, non-baker and birthday girl go out for birthday girl’s birthday dinner

So recently the Baker and non-baker’s parents decided to visit them again. And, they realized that, though they usually took birthday girl, one of the non-baker’s roommates, out for her birthday, that they had not done so this year. And … Continue reading

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The non-baker’s easy sweets snack (aka homemade nutella)

So, occasionally, though she doesn’t tend to like to admit it, the non-baker doesn’t feel like cooking or baking but wants something dessert-ish and sweet. When this happens, she makes what most people would call homemade nutella. (She doesn’t really … Continue reading

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