Jewish New Year

So, though it’s a day late, the non-baker got together with some of her friends two nights ago and made a kugel and ate round challah in celebration. The kugel was one of her friend’s recipes. They began by separating egg yolks from whites.
Then they mixed butter, cottage cheese, milk, and cream cheese using an electric mixer.
Then they boiled the noodles.
After they were boiled, they mixed the noodles and dried apricots into the bowl of milk fats.
Then they poured this into a dish and beat the egg whites into stiff peaks, which went on top of the other mixture.
This went into the oven for around 40 minutes and then took it out of the oven (and put in their store-bought whole wheat round, golden raisin challah.)
After the challah was warmed up, it was time to dig in. So they cut out pieces of both and set out to eat.
The kugel was fantastic and it made for a sweet and rich way to start off the Jewish New Year.

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