Walking around Amsterdam

So, the baker and the non-baker went walking around Amsterdam with one of their hosts’ sons. He gave them a wonderful tour of the city and in return, they walked the entire thing. It ended up being somewhere upwards of 10km total.

One of the first things that they passed was a wonderful outdoor market, housed out of carts. All the food there looked delicious. There was a vegetable cart, a cheese cart and a bread cart.
However, they did get hungry after a while and so bought some Dutch fries from a shop that was over 100 years old. However, they couldn’t quite stomach the idea of eating their fries with mayonnaise (ick!) and so instead went for mustard (which made their host think that they were a bit weird.
Then they bought their Dutch host some chocolate dipped almond cookies, a traditional Dutch treat, though they both declined getting some. The non-baker wasn’t hungry and the Baker, regardless of whether she was hungry, is not such a fan of almond cookies.
Then they got hungry. So they went for sandwiches at a cute cafe by one of the canals. The sandwiches were delicious. The Baker got a chicken sandwich with copious amounts of salad and the non-baker got baked goat cheese with honey. But because they were so hungry they polished off their food before they had a a chance to even take a picture of it.
Their day walking around Amsterdam was fun and the food was delicious. Then their host son walked them over to his apartment where his friendly female roommate decided to cook the Baker and the non-baker dinner. First she cooked some ravioli.
Then she sauteed some mushrooms, added some wine and cream to make a wonderful creamy mushroom sauce.
Then she spooned it out on top of the ravioli, added some arugula and some salt and pepper and presented it. It was fantastic.
Afterwords she offered them a pudding with a less solid top- sort of a sauce on top- for dessert. It was strawberry flavored and quite fun. When they moved the plate, the entire thing jiggled.

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