Dutch Host Kids Make Dinner

That evening, the Baker and the non-baker took the train back to Amsterdam and went to the Dutch Host Son’s apartment that they had been to before. There the Dutch Host Family’s Children (well, four of the five of them) cooked them the most fantastic dinner. They started off by cutting up some seed bread.
Then they started cooking up some bacon.
They drained the majority of the grease (though they saved some of it to use later) and put the cooked bacon in a bowl.
But bacon was not the only thing on the menu. The extra bacon grease was poured into a pan to use to cook the onions (especially since bacon grease makes things delicious.)
They cooked down the onions in the pan. In the background they were cooking the filling for the vegetarian stuffed mushrooms by cooking down a second set of onions.
They cooked the onions down further. At the same time, they boiled the potatoes.
The cooked down onions were the next dish that they added to the dinner. Then it was time to make the baked vegetarian stuffed mushrooms. The Baker and the non-baker helped ready the mushrooms.
They finished off the filling by adding cream cheese with chives to the onions which melted down and created a nice sauce.
Then they stuffed the mushrooms with the filling, topped them with slices of cheese and then popped them into the oven.
But clearly, that was not enough food. They also decided to make traditional Dutch beans, which they cooked by boiling on the stove.
But again, still not enough food. The Dutch kids also decided to make fried potatoes. They first boiled the potatoes. Then they drained them and sliced them up.
Then the potatoes were thrown into the pan.
Finally, they felt that this was enough food when they added a bowl of applesauce to the mix. They put the food on some make-shift tables in the living room.
Everyone filled their plates up and dug in. The food was absolutely incredible and perfect.

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