Smoking Salmon

So, on the last day that the Baker and the non-baker were in Finland, they (and their hosts) decided that they should have a wonderful meal. So the Baker offered to- what else- bake and the non-baker offered to cook one of her specialties.

But they weren’t the only ones contributing food. The Finns decided that they would have smoked salmon and, being Finns, that they would be smoking it themselves. The first step of this process was to soak the pieces of raw salmon in water that was 10% salt for six or so hours so that the salt would disperse evenly on the fish.
Then the fish was ready to be smoked. So, the elder Finn’s boyfriend filled the smoker with wood chips (a particular sort that are good for smoking fish.) He also added a few sugar cubes in order to color the salmon.
Then, they put the salmon onto aluminum foil and onto a grill and into the smoker.
Then the Finn’s boyfriend broke up some kindling in the outdoor woodshed and put the kindling underneath the smoker and lit the wood with some bark scraps which he lit to start the fire.
The wood burned up, creating the smoke that would smoke the salmon. And once the smoke had cleared, the Elder Finn’s boyfriend carefully pulled the smoker off of the bricks and opened it.
Then, carefully the Finn’s boyfriend pulled out the hot smoked salmon.
It looked fantastic, but this was only one of the courses that the Baker and the non-baker would have for dinner that night.

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